Webster Hall closing its doors – TRASH Grand Finale


So the venue which FAT&EZ played one of its first USA gigs, and a second home to us over the last 5 or 6 years is finally closing its doors for good. A sad day for New York City’s oldest music venue (been showcasing music since 1886!).

FAT&EZ are proud, honored and humbled that we will be playing at the last night of the venues 130 year reign of awesomeness in New York City and very much hope all of you in the Tri-State area will be able to join.

Full event details can be found here:


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Oh yes it has been a while and yes there has been some tragedies over the last few months as I am sure many of you are only too well aware of but FAT&EZ is back and how better to get back to business than to play a show with all my SEX CULT family in PA.

It’s been a rocky old year and I appreciate all the kind words of support but it is time to move onwards and upwards and I look forward to seeing you all on August 22.


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New Mixtape

New Mixtape!!

No, I am not dead, nor have I retired as some have asked…I have just had a lot on of late and not a lot of time to deal with shit, especially when it has come to updating the website so appologies for that!!

Anyways…at long last I did get someone to record a live set of me playing for you kids and here it is…..enjoy!


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FAT&EZ For FREE!!!???


Doing my bit for poverty and aids and for the ext few months I will be playing gigs without fee, simply donating my ‘fee’ to unicef instead. No donation too big or small so maybe this opens up your small event to have me headline at a greatly reduced cost!? I really don’t care…as long as the charity benefits. Give generously people!!

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Fatty is sick!

Hey guys, apologies for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks, I have been in bed suffering with kidney stones…had to be rushed to the ER last week and have been in pain since. For those of you that heard about this from my tweets etc. thank you so much for the kind words. Love to you all and new track coming as soon as i am back on my feet….

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At last a new mixtape!!!!!

Yes at long last I have recorded a new live set for your listening pleasure, those of you that are regulars at my live performances will recognize that this is somewhat of a ‘greatest hits’ of my favourite tracks I have been playing out for the last few years with a few newbies thrown in there for good measure. Its (almost) an hour of dangerously addictive sounds for your ears…..enjoy!!

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New Track in the making!

Yes, at last I have a new track in the serious process of making, and by that I mean that it’s almost complete. Devoted followers on twitter will be given a taster as soon as a taster is ready!

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AUGUST 16th!!! NYC

At last a gig in NYC guys! So many of you have been email me over the last few weeks and months about when the next gig in New York will be…now you have a date to put in your diaries. So excited to be playing on the birthday of one of my good New York pals too Rogizoid!! Come wish her a happy birthday and party like its your last night on earth!!


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Working Working Working

Apologies that it has ben sooooooooooo long since the last update, I have been burning my brain trying to get some new tracks ready for release in the next few weeks and months after the madness of cancelling all those summer dates due to the move to the USA. Anyways i promise to keep you more in touch with things as they progress from now on!! And for those of you that have been asking me when i will be playing in NYC next well now i have a date….August 16th at Webster Hall. I will post more info and flyers etc in next few days…


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Welcome To America Tour!!

Welcome To America Tour 2014

Welcome To America Tour 2014

So yes I am now permanently situated in New York, USA and cannot leave the country for a few months!!! So huge apologies to those of you who were scheduled to come see me in Europe and Asia over the summer. With that in mind I have people working on putting together a tour of the USA real soon so hopefully at least some of you can get to see me soon!!


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